We envision an extensive and sustainable global network of trails that assures humanity’s opportunity to experience, value and ultimately steward the earth.


We seek to enhance the socioeconomic and environmental benefits of trails worldwide.  We grow the cultural impact of trails informing, assisting and inspiring a global community of trail visionaries, users, sponsors and organizations.

Our Approach

We believe the best trails are dreamed of, then developed, by local visionaries.   Carrying the torch and maintaining a vision for trail development typically requires a decade (or more!) of dedication.   We aim to inform and assist the visionaries already out there and inspire more to emerge.  At Global Trails, our Vision is a society transformed by trails.  Our Mission demands that we find and support Trail Visionaries, wherever they’re taking steps and breaking trail…

Our Context

Institutions, academia, scientific, economics and civil society organizations are calling for a change in the way humankind relates to the Earth.  First and foremost, they are calling for humanity to treat the Earth with respect.  Such respect can only be achieved when humankind changes the way it perceives its relationship with nature.  In addition, they are calling on human beings to see their role not as masters but as guardians of the Earth.  Such a change is fundamental to the survival of our species at all levels, environmental, social and economic, and it is imperative that we bring about a shift in ourselves and our role in the world.

From Harmony with Nature – 17th of August, 2012 – United Nations General Assembly

Our Concept

We believe trails play a lead role in restoring a balanced human-earth relationship.  Humanity’s actions arise from our collective culture.  Culture is a reflection of values, and values are born of experience.  Our vision for trails’ highest purpose begins with this:

Trails are a powerful medium for value-forming experiences.  Thus, an extensive, well-traveled and sustainable network of trails can provide experiences that lead to more eco-literate values and culminate with a more conservation-oriented culture.  Let’s make trails thrive and showcase the crucial role they play in building planetary stewardship.